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While businesses are surrounded by cameras capturing data, 99.99% of it is never reviewed. You may lack the time and properly trained staff to aggregate the thousands of hours of meaningful data that lie within. That means you’re missing out on a wealth of powerful insights that would greatly improve your operations and bottom line.

We utilize CCTV cameras and computer vision applications to make sense of complex visual data, and transform it into crystal clear, actionable insights. By gaining this deeper understanding of your environment, you’ll discover the steps for reducing loss, improving efficiency, optimizing staff costs, and making the most informed business decisions.

Innovative Solutions for Your Industry

At EVERYANGLE, we love a challenge! Our competitors only offer point solutions in specific, limited areas. We’ve developed long-term partnerships with customers who trust our expertise to successfully address and solve even the most complex business problems. So whether you’re looking for help with loss prevention, customer or guest insights, improving operations, POS fraud, labor spend, marketing, or another growth challenge, we’ll work tirelessly to create the most effective solutions.


EVERYANGLE arms you with end-to-end aggregated data so you gain a significant advantage in this competitive industry.


We’re leveling the playing field by providing brick-and-mortar operators the same advanced analytics previously only available to online retailers.

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Our computer vision turns your CCTV camera data into actionable insights, which boosts security, efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

End-to-End Benefits to Supercharge Your Growth

Once the deeper insights of your camera data are revealed your business can achieve benefits far beyond security.

Enhance Loss Prevention

Identify customer theft & staff fraud, cost effectively at-scale

Streamline Operations

Maximize profitability across the board through smart use of resource

Optimize Your Workforce

Align labor spend with customer footfall patterns & in-store behavior

Maximize Store Performance

Combine data to show sales conversion and staff optimization rates

Monetize Your Data

Measure marketing campaign impact on footfall & demographics

Create Safer Spaces

Utilize data to safeguard stores and hospitality venues

Improve Customer and Guest Engagement

Identify customer experiences and time spent in hotspots

Understand Your Customers

Advanced footfall analysis
to identify foot traffic
and customer trends

for Greater Success

With your own intuitive dashboard, you’ll be able to view all the video analytics across your entire system. You’ll understand how your business operates on a more detailed level like never before. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive view of your entire operations, so you can easily track KPIs, view multiple sites in your network to compare benchmarks, check conversion rates, learn high traffic times and patterns, and access insightful reports to accelerate your growth.

Taking Brick-and-Mortar Retail to New Heights

Is your business keeping up with the rapidly evolving retail landscape? While brick-and-mortar stores are still the leaders in retail, you’re facing an increasing threat from online businesses, including your own. In the past, online operators were winning the retail race by leveraging complex data to track customer inflows, dwell time, purchase choices, and user experiences. We’ve finally leveled the playing field by providing the same advanced analytics to brick-and-mortar retailers so you can gain a competitive edge.

Serving Up Smart
Analytics for the
Hospitality Industry

We help hospitality businesses leverage their CCTV camera investments way beyond security for spectacular benefits. By arming you with end-to-end aggregated data, you’ll receive all the tools you need for a significant advantage in this competitive industry. Video analytics with meaningful insights will help you understand guest engagement and behavior, manage compliance, improve operational efficiency, and optimize your labor costs and marketing dollars.

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